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Credit Rebuilding - The Definitive Guide

Bad credit is no longer a financial death sentence. Between reading credit reports, credit-building micro-loans, secured credit cards, concierge credit-monitoring services, and more you’ve got all the tools you need to beat the credit companies at their own game.

Repeat Debt Offenders

Despite how difficult it can be to get out of debt in the first place, debt isn't always a one-and-done occurrence. Some families work hard to climb out from under their financial obligations only to find themselves back in similar situations years later. For a closer look at repeat debt offenders, we surveyed over 1,000 people about their personal money matters. Read on as we uncover the average age Americans get out of various forms of debt, which types of debt take the longest to pay off, and how often people fall back into debt after paying it all off. Overcoming Financial Obligations

Financial Self Care

Self-care focuses on self-awareness and self-preservation to better oneself, and many people are committed to self-care in all of its capacities. This can include taking a mental health day, adding meditation to your daily routine, or spending time budgeting for a financial goal.