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What is a Missouri Title Loan?

A Missouri title loan is a loan given in the state of Missouri which is secured by a lien placed on a borrower’s asset. The most common type of title loan is an automotive title loan, where the borrower’s car acts as collateral. Title loans are usually short-term (30 – 90 days), relatively small (only $5000 in Missouri), and feature high-interest rates. Title loans are not legal in every state since title loan companies are often predatory. Most of the states for which they are legal therefore have certain laws and regulations in place to protect borrowers, such as limits on interest rates, loan amounts, late fees, etc. Such protections may be mild or even nonexistent, however, as in Missouri, where there is no cap on interest rates.

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Rates (%)

Like many other states, Missouri has no maximum for interest rates on title loans. On average, interest rates are about 25% per month, which means an annual percentage rate (APR) of 300%.

Credit Requirements

Missouri automotive title loans do not require credit inspection. All the borrower must provide when applying is a driver’s license or I.D. issued by the state, the vehicle for inspection, and of course a title to the lien-free vehicle.


Missouri title loan lenders must adhere to the following legislation: 367.506 – lenders must be licensed. 367.567. (2) – title loans must not exceed $5000. 367.515 – title loans must feature simple interest. 367.512.1(4) – that borrowers may renew the loan agreement with written request and payment of interest to the date of renewal; and that after the third renewal, any subsequent renewal will have to be accompanied by a payment of 10% of the total amount due.

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