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What is DJ Equipment Financing?

DJing can be expensive, and the price tag comes with the equipment. You need turntables, a mixer, a laptop, monitors, that’s a lot of gear, and a lot of dollars. Luckily there are ways of getting the money you need to finance the career of your dreams without having to pay for everything up front. Today, there are plenty of audio and equipment financing companies that can help you get your DJing career off the ground.

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Rates (%)

With DJ Equipment financing loans, interest rates and terms vary depending on your credit score, but you can expect to see between 10-30% APR with terms between 3 and 36 months depending on the amount of money you’re looking to finance. Places like also offer deals on smaller financing including no interest for 30 days on the financing of $50 and lower. Many people looking for financing DJ equipment are now using PayPal credit, which is an instant approval credit line now offered by PayPal that works on thousands of online stores. PayPal credit has an APR of 19.99% and the minimum interest payment of $2.00.

Credit Requirements, one of the biggest financiers for DJ equipment, has no minimum credit score or minimum credit history. The leniency with this kind of financing is why you will generally see APR go all the way up to 30%. It’s easy to secure the financing, so the financer wants to make sure they get their money’s worth. That’s why it’s worth paying back the financing as fast as possible and important to consider your ability to keep on top of the payments. Otherwise, your interest costs can pile up fast.

DJ equipment financing is less conventional than other business borrowings, but it’s out there. Be patient and keep at it, and you’ll be doing what you love for a living in no time.

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